Critical Response Group & RapidSOS Partner to Deliver Real-Time Data to 911

Critical Response Group is partnering with RapidSOS to share site-specific common operating pictures, known as Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®), with Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) through RapidSOS.

About the solution

What is a Collaborative Response Graphic® (CRGs®)?

Collaborative Response Graphics® are standardized, site-specific, and geo-rectified common operating pictures that combine facility floor plans, high-resolution imagery, and a gridded overlay together into one map. CRGs® include the accurate labeling of key features like room numbers or descriptions, hallways, external doors, stairwells, key utility locations, parking areas, and locations of security cameras. CRGs® were derived from a communication technique used by the U.S. Military Special Operations community during counter-terrorism operations.

If you’re interested in accessing CRGs® in your jurisdiction via the RapidSOS Portal, please complete this form.

Our Deeper Partnership

Our long-term commitment to public safety

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About Critical Response Group

United States Military Special Operations Force (USSOF) faced the challenge of operating and communicating about unfamiliar locations with diverse groups and nationalities while under stress during counter-terrorism missions. To solve that problem, USSOF developed a visual communication tool, called a Gridded Reference Graphic (GRG), that combined a grid overlay with high-resolution overhead imagery so mission participants could communicate from a site-specific common operating picture. The principles of a GRG were expanded and pivoted for domestic use as a Collaborative Response Graphic®, or CRG. CRGs are built for schools, places of worship, hospitals, airports, government buildings, prisons, parks, corporate facilities, theme parks, and other critical infrastructure, and are used for reunification efforts, and pre-planned or emerging events. Critical Response Group’s team is a mix of decorated and combat-tested USSOF officers and senior public safety executives committed to providing non-theoretical perspectives and emergency response solutions that increase situational awareness. To learn more, visit or

About RapidSOS

In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data from 400M+ connected devices to emergency services and first responders. Through the platform, RapidSOS provides intelligent data that supports over 5,200 Emergency Communications Centers worldwide, across 150 million emergencies in 2020. Together with innovative companies recognized as RapidSOS Ready, RapidSOS is supporting first responders in saving millions of lives annually.