GeoComm & RapidSOS Partner to Deliver Real-Time Data to 911

Advanced situational awareness for 911 and first responders

Our Joint Solution

The GeoComm and RapidSOS Joint Solution

Through our partnership, all RapidSOS Premium customers have access to GeoComm Indoor Maps
which provides actionable location context to 911 telecommunicators and first responders for enhanced
situational awareness, reducing response times, and ultimately saving more lives during an emergency

Indoor maps are an integral part of the latest data utilized in 911 call flows to enable telecommunicators
and first responders to visualize the location of callers. GeoComm Indoor Maps includes a simple
method for agencies to submit source data from building owners/operators which is converted into geo-referenced indoor maps. The resulting indoor maps are available to ECCs through RapidSOS Premium providing telecommunicators the ability to view indoor maps depicting floors, rooms, corridors, entrances, exits, and other building features.

In addition, indoor maps can be further enhanced when paired with GeoComm Vertical Location Services, a first of its kind industry leading technology that converts cell phone Z-axis location data into actionable location data in the form of floor location, further enhancing the available information in the hands of the first responders who need it most. 

If you’re interested in accessing GeoComm Indoor Maps via the RapidSOS Premium, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Our Deeper Partnership

Our long-term commitment to public safety

Read more about the joint solution here.

About GeoComm

GeoComm, provider of Public Safety Location Intelligence®, offers indoor mapping services aimed at empowering law enforcement, fire, and medical responders by providing a visual representation of indoor spaces for key buildings in their response areas. To learn more visit,

About RapidSOS

In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world’s first intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to safety agents, 911 and first responders. To learn more about our technology that’s creating life-saving connections, visit