A data, voice and monitoring solution customized for innovative companies to securely connect
life-saving data to 911.

Trusted by industry leaders
RapidSOS Connect

Easy to integrate APIs
for 24/7 monitoring and emergency response

  • Quickly implement advanced emergency help with just a few lines of code
  • Access highly trained monitoring center professionals who manage end-to-end response 
  • Create a custom experience that supports all of your unique emergency workflow needs
RapidSOS Connect

Faster, more effective
emergency response for your customers

  • Rich, verified emergency information routed directly to 911 and first responders
  • Eliminate the need for your user to call 911 for better response times by authorities
  • Improve data accuracy and reduce human transcription errors by digitally sharing incident data with first responders
RapidSOS Connect

A partnership
with public safety

  • Built in collaboration with thousands of first responders, RapidSOS is a trusted partner to public safety
  • Strengthen your relationship with 911 and first responders 
  • Leverage our team of 911 experts (with over 450 years of combined public safety experience) to engage first responders on your technology
Public safety
Partner Testimonial

Hear from Partners
Using RapidSOS

“This collaboration enables us to immediately send data from both the vehicle and our databases to 911, regardless of the technology used in the receiving 911 center. The result is telecommunicators get more information that helps them make quicker decisions about the resources and triage needed at the crash scene.”

– John Jasper
Sirius XM Connected Vehicle SVP and General Manager

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